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X1 Reference Clock Regulator - Low Noise Pre Regulation Circuit.

Designed to improve the performance of any clock. Simply place between the psu and clock voltage input for even lower noise regulation.

The circuit cleans up any noise getting to the clock as well as cleaning up reverse noise from the clock back. This method works far better than just adding a simple linear power supply for the clock.

  • Specifically designed for low jitter clock supply
  • Improves any clocks performance (works better with high end clocks)
  • Ultra low noise dc
  • Very high quality parts used throughout
  • Stabilises voltage
  • Removes ripple
  • 3070uF Total Capacitance
  • 12V - 15V input
  • 10V output (can spec other voltage if required)
  • 87mm x 55mm



Fidelity Audio
Product Code
Fidelity Audio X1-REG

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X1 Reference Clock Regulator - Clock pre regulator

Product Code Fidelity Audio X1-REG