Technics SL1210 Clock Upgrade


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Technics SL1210 Clock Upgrade

The Technics 1210 is famous for having a Quartz locking system that enables the motor to accurately keep a constant speed. This is an advantage over belt or idler driven turntables that use a motor that runs at a set voltage and small amounts of drift can happen. 

A simple Crystal is used as a reference frequency for the PLL (phase lock loop) circuit, this is ok but it is not the last word in accuracy. We offer a much more accurate clock that that is a much more precise reference for the PLL to work with, allowing the motor to be controlled much more accurately and improving the timing of the music.

We use a specially designed 1210 derivative of the C2 MK2 clock.
PLEASE NOTE – This upgrade includes the removal of the original crystal and installation of the new low jitter clock. Please ring for any advice 01302 563123 

Techincal Specifications

Brand technics
Code fidelity audio sl1210 upgrade
Condition New
Weight 2.1kg
MPN fidelity audio SL1210 upgrade

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