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Squeezebox Touch - Level 2

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Fidelity Audio have designed and built bespoke custom circuits for clocking and voltage regulation in the Squeezebox Touch. This allows the Touch to be upgraded to a level un-matched by any other tuning house. 

Adding in the Magic Pads onto the Level 2 upgrade has transformed the Touch and we believe you would need to spend some serious money to better it. 

The upgrade reigns in the overly aggressive treble and upper mid band peaks + adding extra weight to the bass and a superb foot tapping flow to the music. The Squeezebox Touch becomes a truly great digital media server. 

Digital upgrade only (SB used as transport feeding external dac)
  • 1x SPower ‘D’ discrete low noise voltage regulator (3.3V)
  • 3x Magic Pads – EMI / RFI absorbsion technology added to key areas
  • 1x Magic Pad – EMI / RFI absorbsion technology added to clock
  • 1x Micro Clock 2 24.576 & 22.578 Mhz Low jitter precision clock (48 Khz , 96 Khz) & (44.1 Khz , 88.2 Khz)
  • Clock buffer ic bypassed
  • 1x Oscon polymer SEPC decoupling capacitor (Clock switching logic 3.3V)
  • 1x Oscon polymer SEPC decoupling capacitor (VRef)
  • 1x Panasonic PPS decoupling capacitor (Digital 5V)
  • 2x Oscon polymer SEPC decoupling capacitor (Digital 5V)
  • 1x Panasonic PPS decoupling capacitor (5V input)

Note: – We do not disable the wireless or change any settings on the Squeezebox Touch & any update the Squeezebox undergoes is from a automatic update by Logitech. 

Customer Comments 

Hi Brent 

Just wanted to drop you a line to say I received my Touch with level 2 upgrade last week. Although I bought the Touch directly from you I have heard one previously. There was massive improvement in sound quality from the Touch I heard previously and from my current set up, Toslink output from laptop into DAC input on active AVI ADM 9Ts plus matching sub. There was a huge increase in overall detail and clarity with a wealth of extra detail in the low end that was simply not there previously. 

I’ll be getting a linear power supply next month to compliment the level 2 upgrade!

Many thanks


Got the modded squeezebox back and it sounds far better straight out of the box. More solidity in the soundstage, less harsh and grainy on high treble, more natural on vocals. Bass is fuller and the timing and musicality have been improved significantly. Instrument placement is better, as is their tone. I can now listen to tracks which haven’t been recorded that well (192kbps/Nirvana) without wanting to switch them off. All round an excellent upgrade and far more noticeable than a recent upgrade to just power supply alone.”

Smithyone1981 (ebay)

Hi Brent, 

I meant to write and thank you earlier, but I have been busy listening to music J 

The improvement after you upgraded my SqueezeBox is not subtle, it still surprises me and leaves me smiling. The harsh high trebles are now smoother, as you explained. This I expected. What I did not expect was that this would also result in mid and base now flowing freer. The whole range seems to be more relaxed, less strained and with a nicer detail across the board. I now understand the strengths of my DAC better, and the SB now has replaced my CDP completely. 

So again, thanks for a great job! 

touch 2
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Hello Brent,

Just a quick note to tell you that the Squeezebox arrived in good nick, and has now been running for a week without any issues. The sound is, as others have said in the past, much improved, and I am a very happy customer. I was using an iFi SPDIF iPurifier, which had improved the sound quality a touch, but your Level 2 upgrade takes the Squeezebox Touch into new territory; a genuine, and very worthwhile, upgrade. I now am no longer looking for a replacement streamer, which, as my SbT is set up with lots of add-ons (choice of library views, BBC iPlayer etc.), is making me very, very happy.

Thank you for such a good, and reasonably-priced upgrade.


Arthur Barton.

Arthur Barton | Hereford | September 2017