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Sonos Signature Upgrade (ZP80 90 Connect)

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  • 'Pure' & 'Reference' Upgrade
  • Fidelity Audio C4 Uber Premium low jitter clock
  • High grade Silver coax (clock signal)
  • Magic Pad fitted to Codec ic
  • Fidelity Audio SPower ‘D’ low noise voltage regulator (digital psu)
  • Oscon SEPC decoupling capacitor (5V Digital)
  • Panasonic PPS decoupling capacitor (5V Digital)
  • Panasonic PPS decoupling capacitor (3.3V input voltage)
  • Panasonic PPS decoupling capacitor (13.6V Input voltage)
  • Magic pads added to all ics on main LAN pcb (eliminates very noisy EMI / RFI effecting performance)
  • CMC Cu (Gold over Copper digital) RCA Socket (digital out)

connect zp90 sig
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connect zp90 sig
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Got my Connect back with upgrade. Been running it in now for a few days. Amazing! I’ve got a NAS hi-res music library that’s nearly 1Tb and I am now revisiting old favourites with a renewed sense of listening to ‘proper music’. And Sonos’s Blue 101 jazz radio stream is like being in the studio with Chet Baker et al!

Everything’s leagues better but the most immediately apparent difference is the clarity and separation of instruments across the spectrum – it all just sounds so right. Nearly as good as my vinyl front-end…

I had a colleague (a Sonos/streaming sceptic) – and a vinyl and analogue nut like me – over for a listening session and all he could keep saying was: ‘this sounds like real quality audiophile hi-fi’. ‘Nuff said. I think you may be getting a new customer soon…

For reference: Digital system is Cyrus DAC X Signature with PSX-R and a CDt, Croft Meganaut valve preamp and Cyrus power amps (4 x X Powers in mono mode, each with PSX-Rs) driving PMC Fact 3s in bi-amp config via Chord Reference Signature cables. There’s a also an analogue front end with AVID/SME/Sumiko?Croft Phono stage and an Audiolab DAB/FM Tuner. All sources (including yours) are fed by a PS Audio Power Plant Premier mains regenerator – the biggest single upgrade in terms of overall system performance I ever made…

Regards Chris

Chris | - | January 2017

Hi folks,

I'm the lead installer at Listening Rooms CI Ltd.

My boss recently got you to do an upgrade on a Sonos Connect.

I've been testing it since you supplied and I must say it sounded damned

good out of the box but after many hours of listening, I've found it's

quite astoundingly good. Sadly now I have to give it back and I've gone

back to my regular Sonos Connect and it sounds like I've thrown a blanket

over my speakers. I can't stand it.

Congratulations on a job well done, It stands up against this Arcam CD and

nearly as good as the Krell.



Steve | Listening Rooms CI Ltd | November 2017