Silent 1 - Very Low Noise PSU


Product Information

Silent 1 - Very Low Noise Linear Power Supply - 3A max.

All our DC power supplies utilise a custom designed Fidelity Audio SPower low noise voltage regulator circuit along with improved circuit design and high quality Mundorf AG capacitors and toroidal transformers all housed in a quality Gloss Black ABS chassis with EMI / RFI coating on the inside. Audio Wire 1TP silver plated copper cable is used between PSU and your device as well as internally.

Psu specs -
Low Noise Spower derived output
50VA Toroidal Transformer
Dual Vref
High Quality Mundorf Capacitors
3A Current capable
4A Current Max (@ 12V dc)


Techincal Specifications

Brand fidelity audio
Code psu 2.8 5 2.1
Condition New
Weight 2kg
MPN psu 2.8 5 2.1

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