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Rothwell Audio Simplex Phono Stage PSU

£274.17 (ex. VAT)
Rothwell Audio Simplex Linear PSU
  • 24V DC output (Linear PSU)
  • High quality, high value capacitors
  • SPower low noise regulation
  • 80VA Toroidal transformer
  • 3 Amp capable
  • Shielded single core coaxial Silver plated ofc copper with Teflon insulation cable
  • Silver plated lockable DIN socket and plug
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Fidelity Audio linear PSU/Rothwell Simplex phono stage

Just a quick post to report how impressed I am with this PSU and the service from Brent at Fidelity Audio as well as the Rothwell Simplex.

These PSU’s are high quality and built to order. I purchased one to power my Rothwell Simplex MM phono stage which I use with my Decca Supergold.

The Simplex is supplied with a standard Wall Wart 24V DC power supply. I have found it to be an excellent phono stage at this price point and Andrew at Rothwell is an excellent guy to deal with.

Nonetheless, I felt that the SQ could possibly be improved upon and I came across the Fidelity Audio listing for a Simplex specific LPSU. It arrived less than a week after ordering.

Right from the first track it was obvious that the Simplex sounded better. Instrument separation and soundstage was better with improved clarity and dynamics but the biggest improvement was with the bass which is much better defined. On many tracks I can now hear how the bass line “glues” the music together.

The Simplex is a great phono stage out of the box but with the Fidelity Audio LPSU it has moved into a different league.

I can’t compare this combo to other “mid priced” phono stages but I would say it brings about the same level of improvement that my Tom Evans microgroove plus brought to my MC’s.

Steve Worrall | Riddlesden | April 2020