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Reference V2 QPG Power Supply

The Reference as been designed to offer the very lowest noise levels from a power supply. Pushing on the technology in our other psus we have managed to create something that works brilliantly with the very best audio equipment on the market. The Reference can be upgraded to Signature spec by purchasing our Vref module.

From the large transformer and big smoothing capacitors chosen for their low ESR and ripple rejection to the
multiple precise vref circuits, QPG technology and onto the ABT monitored low noise output this PSU really does stand head and shoulders above anything out in the market today in both design and performance. You wont find this level of quality PSU in anything manufactured at the high end of the audio market.

Please enquire about different voltages and connectors


Reference Psu specs -

  • BR1 Schottky Bridge Rectifier
  • QPG Noise cancellation circuit
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Very low noise SPower drive circuit
  • Very low noise 6 stage Vref for drive circuit
  • Very low noise Spower derived output
  • Very low noise 6 stage Vref for output control circuit
  • Oscon SVP Capacitors used for precise Vref control
  • Large High Quality Mundorf / F&T Capacitors
  • High Quality Cerefine and Rubycon Capacitors (model specific)
  • Optimised circuit layout
  • 120VA Toroidal Transformer (9V & 12V outputs)
  • 80VA Toroidal Transformer (5V & 6V outputs)
  • 3.6A Current capable
  • 10A Current Max @12V (short term current)
  • Output protection / monitoring circuit (ABT)
  • Vented chassis and fan control circuit - Optional
  • Noiseblocker BlackSilent Fan X (Max 2800 rpm - 9.2 dB(A)​​​ ​​​​​​)

All our DC power supplies utilise a custom designed Fidelity Audio SPower low noise voltage regulator circuit along with improved circuit design and high quality Mundorf AG capacitors and toroidal transformers all housed in a quality Gloss Black ABS chassis with EMI / RFI coating on the inside. Audio Wire 1TP silver plated copper cable is used between PSU and your device as well as internally.

Expect -
  • Analogue presentation
  • Inky Blacks
  • Much more insight into recordings
  • Delicate Treble
  • Fuller Bass with more definition


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Reference V2 QPG Low Noise Power Supply

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