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Quad 99 CDP - level 2

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Release the held back potential of this well built cd player.
  • 2x SPower +/- 9V Low noise Regulator (analogue psu)
  • 2x Mundorf SI / F&T SI 25V 10000uF decoupling capacitors (analogue psu)
  • 2x Panasonic PPS decoupling capacitors (analogue psu)
  • 1x C4 mk2 Low Jitter clock (16.9Mhz)
  • 4X Oscon SEPC decoupling capacitors (DAC)
  • 1X Oscon SEPC decoupling capacitors (DAC VREF)
  • 4X Oscon SEPC decoupling capacitors (Digital)
  • 4X Cerafines decoupling capacitors (Opamp PSU)
  • Magic Pads EMI / RFI noise reduction (Fitted to all digital ics)
  • Signal path capacitors bypassed

Customer Comments 

Hi Brent, 

Thought i would send an email about my initial impressions….absolutley fantastic….as soon as i put the headphones on and as soon as it went thru the power amps either way it is superb…classical music is stunning i mean takes your breath away……jazz stunning, reggae, folk, opera, it just gives and gives. I am not in the position to comment on other systems , my knowledge is very limited but i think it is giving a very good balanced sound…..i had the headphones on for 6 hours and my ears where not fatigued…..definately worth every penny…..i think Quad have really let themselves down. My friend, a quad 77 owner ,wants to compare it to his side by side, but he was very impressed too. I cannot impress on you Brent how happy i am with this player….if any enquiring customer is umming and arring about whether or not to go for it…get them to speak to me any time 

P.S just played Janis Joplin’s first album unbelievable ….you definately are no fly by night outfit… really do what it says on the tin 

All the very best 

99 cdp level 2
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Quad 99 cdp level 2
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Quad Upgrade

Brent upgraded the Quad 99 CD player and Quad 909 power amp. I was pleased

with the Quad‘s original sound hence me purchasing them. The upgrades have

lifted them both to another higher level. It’s a cliché however I am

hearing sounds I have not previously heard.

I am listening to familiar music from the last 50 years and the sound is

audibly clearer and cleaner, although instruments and vocals are expected

they surprise me with their sharpness and suddenness.

Music is giving me shivers and goose bumps.

My son summed it up when he stated ‘Wow its clear isn’t it’

Thanks Brent.

Steve Brunsdon | Beccles Sulfolk | November 2019