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Oppo UDP-205 Power Supply - Very low noise linear PSU

Oppo UDP-205 Digital Power Supply for DIY install

This pcb is designed to replace the cheap and noisy SMPS PSU in the Oppo UDP-205 for the 12V digital supply. The PSU is lower noise than any other PSU for sale. Why? Because not only is it a linear psu like the others it is also designed with low noise Spower derived voltage regulation + triple Vref circuits along with audiophile grade capacitors all adding to the final performance. The Oppo digital performance is improved which gives better picture quality (better colour depth & motion tracking) along with improved audio processing.

The only true low noise UDP-205 PSU.
  • Custom SPower Uber derived very low noise voltage regulation
  • Fully Regulated PSU
  • Triple Vref voltage control
  • High Quality Toroid Transformer
  • Oscon SEPC capacitors
  • Mundorf AG decoupling capacitor (Pre Regulation)
  • Mundorf AG decoupling capacitors (Post Regulation)
  • Panasonic PPS decoupling capacitors used throughout
  • Optimised circuit layout
  • 4A Current capable
  • 6.67A Current Max @ 12V (short term current)
  • 230/240V & 110/115V
udp205 PSU
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Oppo UDP-205 PSU
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Robert  /  Wallingford

Just fitted the linear power supply and what a difference. The low level hash and haze has gone. The bass has improved too - deeper with more definition. What mod do you recommend next?

Goodnews1953  /  Ebay

A great improvement on the original what my oppo was crying out for thank you

ajauwen  /  Ebay

Great!!!!! Thank You..!!