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OPPO IEC DIY Upgrade 1 - Furutech IEC

OPPO IEC Socket Upgrade 1 (DIY)
We only recommend this upgrade if you are using higher quality mains leads as the standard IEC and internal cable becomes a bottleneck.

It might only be a small amount of wire but we believe if you are swapping the cheap original psu by replacing it with a Fidelity Audio low noise psu and adding a high quality mains lead you really need to be replacing this bottle neck. 

Fidelity Audio have produced an upgraded IEC socket and cable for the Oppo using a high quality Furutech Rhodium IEC socket mated with 99.999% high purity copper solid core cable (UP-OCC) with a quality dual aperture EMI / RFI suppression ferrite that also doubles up as a cable separator. . The Furutech IEC Inlet uses Eutectic (low temperature) cast copper alloy conductors (see specs).
  • 14 AWG 99.999% high purity UP-OCC copper solid core wire sheathed in red, heat resistant PTFE (Teflon).
  • Furutech Rhodium High quality IEC socket (Cryogenic and Ring Demagnetisation treatment) + EMI absorption
  • EMI / RFI Suppression core & cable separator
  • Cables soldered with Mundorf Supreme 88.6% S-Sn / 1.8% Cu / 9.5% Ag / 0.1%Au
  • Rated: 15A/125V 10A/250V
  • α (Alpha) Eutectic (low temperature) cast copper alloy Conductor (IEC)
  • PBT and fiberglass housing (IEC)
  • Supplied with safety insulation boot
  • DIY Install
  • Fits Oppo BD93, BD95, BD103, BD105, BD203 & BD205

Treated with Furutech’s proprietary 2-Stage Alpha Cryogenic and Ring Demagnetization Process during manufacture that ensures the lowest achievable levels of distortion and noise. It also benefits from the effects of GC-303, an applied material that absorbs EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).

NOTE ON FITMENT - For the cable and IEC to fit through and into the hole in the rear panel of the OPPO the rubber safety boot must be loose so that it can be squashed through the IEC hole. Once the cable is lined up, connected and the IEC is screwed in place the rubber safety boot can be slid over the IEC.
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