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Oppo BDP-83 / SE (2 Channel) Level 1

  • 1x C3 Premium low jitter clock (Core processor)

Fitting a good quality clock is possibly the most important part to upgrading any Blu ray or dvd player.

Customer Comments


Dear Brent, 

Just to update you on the 2 channel stereo performance of the OPPO which is getting better and better after another day of burning in. 

Tonight I tried to find out how the video performance of the OPPO was affected after changing the master clock. I used 2 blue ray discs for the testing, one is AVATAR and the other is IRON MAN 2. I compared the OPPO with that of PS3 as well as the picture quality I had remembered before the upgrade. TBH I was totally stunned by the the video quality the upgraded OPPO produced. I can now see all the very minor details in the picture when I watch the LCD TV screen at very close proximity. The edges of the picture are so smooth and everything is very solid without any background noise even at the black background. The video is very steady even at fast movements in IRON MAN 2. The color are so vivid and clear that my wife asked me if I have bought a new blueray player !! 

As a matter of fact my sole objective of upgrading the OPPO is to get better 2 channel sound quality. In result it is very surprise to find that the video quality has a big jump in performance which is really a bonus. 

Thank you Brent again for the excellent work. 


Dear Brent, 

I got my OPPO 83SE back after completion of its level 3 upgarde. Having hooked up the OPPO with my Leema Tucana II and Spendor SA-1 speaker (on stands) together with subwoofer MJ Acoustic Pro50 MKII I was stunned by the big improvement in the overall sound quality. I noticed the entire soundstaging has moved back thus making the entire music bigger. The location of each musical instruments can be clearly identified, left and right, back and front with extremely good music separations. There was noticeable increased in reverberation and I could feel the music to be more live. Details of the high frequency range has been increased but I do not feel fatigue on long time listening. The mid range is now more sweet and natural while the base is more tight and extended. I can hear more details that I had not heard before the upgrade and the entire background is much much cleaner than before. As a whole there is big improvement of sound reproduction in all respects. My wife can also hear the big improvements in the music and she wonders how this could be achieved. 

When I sent this e-mail the player has been in used for only two days and the improvement is more noticeable than a day ago. I will continue running in the unit until it settles in, hopefully in two to three weeks’ time. I am totally satisfied with Fidelity Audio’s upgrade work on my OPPO 83 and I have to thank Brent your good self for the excellent work and first class services provided. 

Best Regards 

bdp83 se 1
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