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Node 2i / Gen3 - C3 MK2 Low Jitter Clock installed

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Node 2 / 2i & Gen 3 - C3 MK2 Low Jitter Clocking (installed)

  • This is not plug and play and requires Fidelity Audio to install the clock in house.
  • We recommend the psu is upgraded with the interface and external psu before (or at the same time) as the clock.

‘Timing is the essence of musicality’

Replacing the original cheap clock with the accurate C3 MK2 low jitter clock lifts the Node 2 / 2i & Gen 3 further up the hifi chain (especially after upgrading the psu). If you are running the Node from it's own internal output you will get good gains from the clock, when using a good off board DAC the gains are significantly better.

Q&A -

Does the clocking improve the performance if using the Nodes internal dacs? Yes 

Does the clocking improve the performance if using an external dac? Yes even more benefits will come, the better the dac the more you will benefit.

Why do I need to clock the Node? The Node has a codec ic that processes all the various digital audio formats, this outputs a digital feed to the internal dac and digital out of the Node. This ic requires a crystal / oscillator (clock signal) to operate and uses it as a reference, by removing the cheap crystal and fitting a much more accurate (and lower noise) clock the reference has become greater allowing the ic to process the digital audio to a much higher standard.

Expect -

  • Greater Timing
  • Extended low bass frequencies
  • Less mid range muddle
  • Cleaner less harsh top end
  • Fuller sound
  • More Separation 

C3 MK2 Info - 

  • Accuracy: +/- 1ppm
  • Measured Jitter less than 0.2PSec (Femtosecond)
  • Stable clock output to 6 decimal places +/- 2 digits
  • Unbuffered output
  • 3 stage Vref circuit
  • Input noise filter circuit
  • SPower Reference derived low noise regulation
  • Super low ESR high ripple Oscon Polymer SVP decoupling capacitors
  • High quality PPS decoupling capacitors
  • 2020uF total capacitance
  • Optimised circuit layout
  • High Precision oscillator
  • Underside ground plane shield
  • High grade copper pcb
  • 5V to 15V input
  • 30mA low current design
  • 55mm x 24mm
C3 mk2 node 2i / Gen3
fidelity audio
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C3 MK2 node 2i / Gen3
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Substantial upgrade!

Got about 40 hours on the Node. It sounded great from the outset. The break in period was very abrupt, all of a sudden the Node completely changed! My dealer colleague and I have spent hundreds of hours refining our digital play back (pandemic playtime) We can unequivocally state the Bluesound Node with the Fidelity Audio reference interface board was a major upgrade. Then adding your clock board was monumental!

I can fully endorse your products as “game changers”. We have demoed your system against $10k Music servers, it was NOT CLOSE!

We even used the optical input on the Bluesound for TV audio, this was another substantial upgrade!

Your support was exceptional!

Mark W | California | May 2022