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No Noise Ultra SE

£149.17 (ex. VAT)
No Noise Ultra SE Mains Purifier

The performance has been improved further over the NNU by fitting higher spec audio-grade common mode and differential mode capacitors (tighter tolerances) and single point HF Filter (2.4Ghz). This really is the crème de la crème of plug-in mains filters. This plug offers 3.5X more filtering capacitance than a well known £150 filter.
  • Massive filter circuit for a plug in
  • HF filter circuit
  • Reduces mains noise
  • Broadband filtration
  • Hugely more natural and spacious sound
  • Ideal for modest Hi-Fi or Home Cinema systems

no noise ultra se
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no noise ultra se
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'I have tried several mains filter products and can safely say that this is the best plug in unit that I have discovered.

Substantially clearer image and far more focussed sound. The unit doesn't seem to suffer with the strangulation of sound and vibrancy of image that can come from other mains filtering units. I'd say I am 100% satisfied!'

Nice doing business with you.


Fin | . | January 2017

“I can already hear extra detail and smoothness after only 7 hours of being plugged . The first NN Ultra SE took around 5 days for a step change improvement to be heard and was still improving after 9 days. I do not expect to hear the full potential until 3 weeks, near the 500hour mark rule. These work very well with the Russ Andrews clarity mains plugs I have plugged into the Tacima extension strip in the spare socket next to the socket supplying the mains conditioner feeding the amp and CD player. The Fidelity plugs certainly live up to the claims made and are superior to the Russ Andrews products in both performance and value for money.”

Ben | . | January 2017