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Audio Buffer Boards

Quite often pre amplifiers and amplifier inputs have no input circuit (buffer). The low level signal from your cd player or dac enters the unit and goes straight to the volume knob. When this is at low volume the load on the output stage of your source and through the resistance of the cable (externally and internally) impacts on dynamics as well as the delicate top end.

We have developed a buffer circuit that keeps the signals current intact which in turn improves the audio quality.

  • 2x Mono buffer pcbs
  • High Quality Audiophile Opamp
  • Transistor differential output
  • Quality Capacitors on voltage rails
  • Quality resistors in signal path

These are not plug and play and require some expertise in soldering and circuits
We can do the work for you - 01302 563123


Techincal Specifications

Brand fidelity audio
Code audio buffer boards
Condition New
Weight 1kg
MPN fidelity audio buffer boards

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