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Magic Pads - EMI RFI Reduction for ICs

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Magic Pads EMI / RFI Reduction for Digital ICs

The effects of EMI & RFI are being increasingly noticed because of the huge numbers of switched mode power supplies and wireless technology.

These noisy devices pollute the mains electricity supply, and also bombard your sensitve hifi.

Use these absorbing and shielding materials to combat these effects for a more natural sound. You'll hear more realistic instruments and a warmer, fuller bass.

Two things that effect the performance of your HiFi system are RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro-Magnetic Interference). ‘Magic Cloth’ and ‘ Magic Pads’ are cost effective tweaks that will allow your system to work to its full potential

The ‘Magic Pad’ absorbs audio degrading EMI / RFI

This wonderfully clever product not only shields from high frequencies, they also absorb it by converting the signal into heat. Because of this absorption, there is no noisy reflection back into the sensitive circuits required for producing audio / video.

These pads are used by the aviation industry as they recognise the importance of removing EMI / RFI damaging signals.

‘Magic Pads’ are not snake oil, they really do work! and work better than other EMI / RFI sheets / pads costing far more!

The improvements can go from subtle to very obvious depending on where you apply the pads and of course how much EMI / RFI mush there is. As is often the case, the more you use the more cumulative the effect.

Expect -

  • A more analogue presentation
  • Crisper tighter more accurate treble
  • Smoother more fluid mid range and bass
  • More detail
  • Expect more openness too


  • Thickness – 1mm
  • Frequency band – 500 MHz–5 GHz
  • Surface resistance: 2 x 10E10 Ω
  • Operating temperature – –20 ºC to +90 ºC
  • Flexible & Adhesive backed
  • Non conductive


Housing and housing opening Clocks

Between printed circuit boards On IC’s, processors and controllers

On cables which need high flexibility: LCD and LED monitors

Simply stick the pads on top of ics such as DACs , decoders, HDMI controllers, servo and many more

ideally fitted to anything that can emit RF type noise

Try fitting some to your clock or digital output ic

Absorber pads do not need to be grounded

Absorber pads are not conductive

Pads can be cut to size

One pad can ofter cover two ics

Once applied use a hairdrier to add some heat and massage the pad into place with your finger.


Further Information Reducing RFI (Radio-frequency Interference) noise using filtering technologies presents significant design challenges. Since high frequency energy can “jump” around components and travel along leads, audio equipment and televisions suffer as this energy reached the delicate circuits. An RFI filter will be most effective when installed correctly. Although the filter reduces noise on the power lines (conducted emissions), it should be located as close as practical to the audio / tv equipment to reduce broadcasting of the noise (radiated emissions) from the power lines themselves. Noise is shorted to ground through a resistor-capacitor network.
Fidelity Audio Magic Pads 1/16
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Fidelity Audio Magic Pads 1/16
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