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M2TECH Young Dac PSU

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Squeeze every last drop of performance from your M2Tech Young Dac using our high end power supply. We only offer the more extreme Ultra version using SPower voltage regulation and a huge linear transformer for the Young Dac. You won’t find a better psu for the money!!
  • Linear PSU
  • Custom SPower Low noise regulation
  • High quality parts used throughout
  • 15V DC output
  • 50VA Transformer
  • Shielded single core coaxial Silver plated ofc copper with Teflon insulation cable
  • Silver plated lockable DIN socket and plug
  • 3 Amp capable output
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I have tried other 3rd party power supplies for my M2Tech Young. This is definately the best. I have tried SBooster (first version) and iFi iPower.

How does it sound? It doesn`t have much sound of its own, if any. It is very quiet. Dynamics and detail is much improved. Sound is very "calm".

Instruments and voices sits exactly where they should be. No "wavering".

I could go on, but just buy it. I am quite sure you won`t regret it.

Søren Larsen | Copenhagen Denmark | February 2017