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Lumagen Radiance PRO 4242 - Level 4 Upgrade

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Lumagen Radiance PRO 4242 - Level 4 Upgrade

The Lumagen is a fantastic video processing unit for scaling to 4K UltraHD and studio colour quality colour accuracy. Along with the most engaging DTM Dynamic Tone Mapping in the market. This can be improved with Lumagen modifications.

Information -  Please enquire for more options, customisations and / or details

  • C5 Signature low jitter clock installed (core processor)
  • C4 MK2 low jitter clock installed (18g Input card)
  • C4 MK2 low jitter clock installed (18g Output card)

*note - 18g card required for input and output clocking

Lumagen Radiance PRO 4242 - Level 4 Upgrade
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Lumagen Radiance PRO 4242 - Level 4 Upgrade
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Lumagen mod works superbly.

I got my lumagen modified a good few months ago the results are superb. I got the core processor master clock done with C5 and input boards clocked with the C4 added with DC Regulator for power boosting. The results are stunning. The audio took a big jump here it's like a new product. The picture has also improved as well the DTM dynamic tone mapping truly looks wonderful more 3D dimensional like colours pop. The picture genuinely looks more cleaner and more vibrant.

I then sent my lumagen back into Brent for further additional mod with the X1 Reference clock Regulator being added. This again boosting performance by lowering the jitter every further. AMAZING

Garry. | Scotland | April 2022

Exploration of external Clocks on my 4242

I am still burning in my new C5 and two C4 MKII clocks, but felt compelled to write a review, before the final conclusion. I followed FA's advice and also used some local capacitance to improve the LPS supply. Whilst I wouldn't recommend home fitment, for those cable of skilled soldering, it was quite straightforward. My initial impression of the upgrade has been very, very positive. The image has shown notable improvements in resolution, detail and noise levels, it looks very 'analogue' and whilst difficult to A-B as you are working from memory, the image also seems to have a much greater level of depth (perhaps the reduction in noise and improved clocking) The image on my PJ looks more '3D', stable and cleaner than ever before . The colour density and contrast also look better. A very worthwhile upgrade, I might add the X1 regulators at some point soon. I am excited about watching my next film

Adrian Palmer | BATH | May 2022

Level 4 Upgrade

Now some 8 or more films in, the unit has been running in standby for a few weeks, so the clocks and units have now run in. The upgrade in many respects is more than the sum of the parts. Every film I have watched has been superb, the cinematography seems much more involving. When you assess familiar films you can see the improvements, near zero image noise and a stability and solidity to the whole image. My twin brother commented to me on how 'analogue' it looks and he's right, very little that gives away the fact that you have simply loaded a 2k or 4k disc. The image depth is incredible, you feel so much more involved and immersed from the perspective of the camera and position. The feeling of immersion is something I notice with every film, that experience has not faded and I havent got 'used' to that yet. Yes I can see improved resolution and sharpness, I might be mistaken but the colour 'density' and more beauty in the images looks better than I recall ever seeing, motion I also believe is better. But overall the whole experience has genuinely taken a step forward, I'm now going to explore my Panasonic 9000 unit as well.... It reminds me of listening to master tapes, it just seems more real

Adrian Palmer | BATH | June 2022