Linear Low Noise PSU


Product Information

Linear Power Supply - The perfect upgrade from the noisy SMPS supplied with your product.

Although we specialise in very low noise power supplies we understand not everyone requires a psu that good so we have developed a standard type linear psu to suit different needs and / or budgets. Instead of custom SPower rectification we have used good quality (off the shelf) regulators (just like our competitors do) but have still addressed the circuit layout and capacitor choice to keep the noise as low as possible.

We still use our custom EMI / RFI shielded gloss black case and high quality silver plated ofcc cable.

Psu specs -
Linear (regulated) psu
30VA Toroidal Transformer
Dual standard regulators
Carefully chosen capacitors
1.5A Current capable
Green LED


Techincal Specifications

Brand fidelity audio
Code Fidelity Audio Linear PSU
Condition New
Weight 2kg
MPN Linear PSU
EAN na

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