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HPA-200 Special Edition Headphone Amplifier

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HPA200 Special Edition Headphone Amplifier

This Special Edition version of the HPA200 uses our lowest noise voltage regulators (Spower Uber regulators). These add another level of refinement that is not found in headphone amplifiers costing £2000 or more.

Please note: Headphone amplifiers are built to order and due to demand can take up to 14 working days before dispatch.
  • Headphone impedance range: 12 to 600 Ohms Headphone
  • Jack: 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
  • Power output: (rms, both channels fully driven) 32 Ohms: >500mW/channel
  • Distortion: (THD + N @ 1kHz): 0.00006%
  • Frequency response: (-3dB) 32 Ohms load: 10Hz – 35kHz; 300 Ohms load: 10Hz – 38kHz
  • Ohms load: 10Hz – 38kHz
  • Channel balance: 0.5dB approx
  • Output Stage: 2x High Performance, low distortion high fidelity 250mA audio buffers
  • Supply voltage: AC 230V +/- 10%
  • DC voltage: Very Low Noise Linear dual power supply +15V & -15V
  • Size: (approx.) W: 104 x H:56 x D:245 (mm) including controls & feet
  • Weight: 1.20 Kg (1.55 Kg including packaging)
  • Hand built to order in UK
  • Dual mono design
  • Large internal dual voltage power supply
  • Fast Schottky Rectifying Diodes
  • Super low ESR high ripple smoothing capacitors
  • Quality Audio grade parts used throughout
  • High grade pcb copper tracks for optimal signal & voltage transfer
  • Gold Plated RCA Connectors
  • Easily drives Grado (eg 325i), Sennheiser (eg HD650, HD800), Beyerdynamic (eg T1 Tesla) &; AKGs (eg K702 , Q701
  • IEC mains input
  • 2 year parts and labour warranty
  • The unit IS NOT supplied with an RCA lead
  • Mains lead supplied
HPA200 SE Natural
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Fidelity Audio HPA200 SE
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Hi Brent,

HPA100 headphone amp upgraded to HPA200 SE. Incredible upgrade!! Absolutely beyond belief. Brent advised me through the whole process, and upon delivery was simply speechless at the difference!! I cant say any more than that, speechless!!!

It is superb. Makes a mokery of Sennheisers own 2000 grand amp and also the Questyle CMA800 which are both on the bright side. For my personal liking. This is customer service at its very best!!!! Will be doing a full review as soon as time permits!!!

I cant tell you mate how good this amp is its incredible!!!. It makes me laugh when reviewers say the HD800 is a bit bright!! Rubbish it's the amp they are using!!!. Its a beautiful smooth realistic sound, and funny enough in the classical genre recordings tend to be a bit thin!! This amp seems to even out these deficiencies in the recordings. It's really quite spectacular Brent. Thank you so much and I will forward you my review as soon as I can

Kind regards


Laurence | Robinson | September 2018