HiFi Upgrades / Tuning

With over 27 years experience in the design and modification of audio equipment, Fidelity Audio provide a cost effective service in upgrading existing hi-fi components in order to gain exceptional levels of performance. And although we offer a wide range of upgrade packages we can upgrade almost any hi-fi component.

Fine Tuning - Beware of cheap alternatives

The aim of our upgrades is not to change the technical performance but to upgrade the listening experience.

Capacitors - De-coupling and bypass caps are replaced with select newer high quality devices which have low ESR  and greater frequency response. Changing or adding these to the circuit improves the sonic performance.
Regulators - Commercial regulators seem to work okay but our research has shown that these or even professional quality types with much less HF noise and low output impedance are still not good enough. Our SPower low noise regs solve this problem.
Re-clocking - Re-clocking is a very sensitive area. There’s no doubt that fitting any DAC, CD or Network player with our precision low jitter clocks results in a cleaner, smoother and more detailed sound. Beware! Many people offer clock “upgrades” to your equipment with cheap Chinese parts or out dated technology often adding in extra jitter.
DIYers - Quite often we receive equipment by cheap ebay (out of the shed diyers) posing has electronic audio engineers and to be frank the work is shocking. Often damaging the pcb and or making the audio performance worse than original. Our modifications and upgrades do not change the original excellent technical performance of your equipment.

Quite simply! A Level 2 upgrade consists of Level 1 + extra work / parts. If you have already had a Level 1 upgrade and want a Level 2 upgrade then the difference in price between the two is all you will need to pay. The same applies for all levels.


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