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Fidelity Audio NN Z Speaker filters (PAIR)

£165.83 (ex. VAT)
NN Z Speaker Purifier / Filter

The NN Z is designed to connect across your speaker terminals. They work by filtering away high frequency hash that is picked up via the speaker wire, internal speaker wiring and also effects created by the speaker coils themselves (counter-electromotive force). The aim is to absorb some counter-electromotive current and reduce the fluctuations in speaker impedance characteristics, particularly in the mid to high ranges. This makes it possible to drive the speaker more faithfully.

The NN Z helps deliver a three dimensional image and offers a darker background along with a much lower noise floor. 

  • Wider stereo imaging
  • Better Instrument separation
  • Less midrange muddle
  • Better tonality
  • 6 poles of articulation ranging from 600 hz to 5.4 Mhz
  • Pcb damped to eliminate vibration effecting components
  • High quality audio grade parts
  • 18 AWG High quality silver plated oxygen free copper cable (OFCC) with PTFE insulation
  • Gold plated beryllium copper 4mm stackable Banana plugs
  • Gold plated Spade terminal (8.5mm wide fork)
  • Can be fitted at the amplifier end also
  • 100mm Cables (before termination)
  • 53mm x 37mm x 23mm
  • Simply connect the NN Z to the 4mm binding posts at the rear of your speakers.
  • If using banana plugs insert into the NN Z bananas so they are stacked
  • Please allow 100 hours burn in

Please note – All systems do react differently to filters. We all have different amounts of noise and at different frequencies + speaker and amplifier setups differ greatly. The more noise you have the bigger the impact the filter will have. 

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Another fantastic product, which does what it says on the tin. The biggest thing I noticed after the burn in period of 100 hours was the size of the soundstage-it opened up wider and the overall effect was an extra emphasis on detail.

The products should really sell themselves with the quality, price and working to a high standard,as they do.


Kind regards,


Chris | . | January 2017

After fitting them to the speaker terminals a lower noise floor was immediately apparent, much less high frequency hash, clearer voices , better separation . Quite an achievement straight from the box and also considering I already have in place Russ Andrews zapperators at each end of the speaker cable! This again shows the superiority of your products versus comparable products from Russ Andrews.

I look forward to continued improvement over the next few months as the burn-in progresses. Keep producing those excellent value for money products.

Brian D

Brian D | . | January 2017