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DC Booster - Signature

Designed to sit between a switch mode power supply (smps) or linear psu and your equipment. The circuit smoothes and cleans the noise from the smps giving your audio product a boost in sound quality.

The Signature is further improved by using high quality Duelund DCA12GA 600Vdc tinned copper multistrand wire with Oyaide Gold DC plug, higher grade over sized Mundorf / F&T capacitors on both the mid section and output of the Booster which gives improved audio benefits thanks to lower ESR and better ripple rejection.

  • Duelund DCA12GA (Tinned copper multistrand wire in a black cotton and oil dielectricum)
  • Oyaide Gold DC plug
  • Filters SMPS noise
  • Quieter noise floor
  • Better ripple rejection
  • Stabilises DC
  • Huge capacitance - 67,300uF
  • Capacitors labels peeled to reduce any potential static
  • Large higher quality capacitors
  • approx 0.1v loss input to output (depending on load)
  • 1V to 24V input
  • 0.205 Ohm DC resistance +/- 5%
  • 5mm x 2.1mm DC input socket
  • 5mm x 2.1mm output plug
  • Adaptors can be added in the options
  • High quality parts used
  • 10 Amp capable pass through
  • 14 Amp version - Option


dc booster sig
fidelity audio
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Fidelity Audio DC Booster Signature

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DC Booster Signature

Product Code Fidelity Audio DC Booster Signature