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DC Booster - Reference

Designed to sit between a switch mode power supply (smps) or linear psu and your equipment. The circuit smoothes and cleans the noise from the smps giving your audio product a boost in sound quality.

The Reference is further improved by using high quality cable (Ag/Cu from booster to device), higher grade Mundorf capacitors on both the mid section and output of the Booster which gives improved audio benefits thanks to lower ESR and better ripple rejection.

  • Filters SMPS noise (improved for REF)
  • Quieter noise floor (improved for REF)
  • Better ripple rejection (improved for REF)
  • Stabilises DC (improved for REF)
  • Huge capacitance - 53,000uF
  • Capacitors labels peeled to reduce any potential static
  • Large higher quality capacitors
  • High quality thick silver plated copper cable for DC output
  • approx 0.1v loss input to output (depending on load)
  • 1V to 24V input
  • 0.205 Ohm DC resistance +/- 5%
  • 5mm x 2.1mm DC input connector
  • 5mm x 2.1mm output plug
  • Adaptors can be added in the options
  • High quality parts used
  • 10 Amp capable pass through
  • 14 Amp version - Option


dc booster ref
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Fidelity Audio DC Booster Reference

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DC Booster Reference

Product Code Fidelity Audio DC Booster Reference