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CXC CD Transport Level 2

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CXC CD Transport Level 2

The level 2 upgrade builds on from the level 1 upgrade involves a vastly improved power supply. We add a extra transformer + a low noise power supply (bypassing the original).

  • Fidelity Audio Custom HC low noise psu (14V)
  • 1x Transformer 50VA 12V
  • 1x C4 MK2 low jitter clock
  • 1x F&T decoupling capacitor (main servo voltage)
  • 1x Panasonic PPS (main servo voltage)
  • 1x Oscon SVP decoupling capacitor (3.3v)
  • 1x Oscon SEPC decoupling capacitor (3.3v)
  • 1x Rubycon ZLH decoupling capacitor (8V)
  • Magic Pads EMI / RFI absorbers (ics)

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cxc level 2
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Level 2 Upgrade

I have purposely left it a few weeks before giving you an update on the power supply upgrade you carried out on my CD transport. My understanding was that the new transformer you fitted would need a burn in period to sound at its best and that is certainly my experience. The music now after perhaps 100+ hours playing time regardless of type and quality of recording definitely has more body with a much fuller overall presentation . Dynamics have also shown a further improvement over the C4 clock upgrade as well as better instrument separation.

I would say this latest upgrade has in fact surpassed the C4 improvement even , my system is now finally giving me the overall sound I have striven for for many many years with much box swapping , but I really think I am very close to my end game system.

Chris Bray | Rotherham | April 2021