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Clocks - Low Jitter

Fidelity Audio offer precision, very low-jitter clocks to upgrade your digital source. 

The standard clock reference inside most CD / DVD / Network Streamers / DACs & BluRay players is woefully inadequate offering at best a mediocre jitter performance. We believe Fidelity Audio clocks are the best performing clocks on the market. Many manufactures quote low jitter clocks but in truth the performance is not much better than previous efforts. 

Jitter is not the only contributing factor to the overall performance of a clock and at Fidelity Audio we know the voltage stability and noise generated by the clocks PSU is very important to the final performance. Most after market clocks quote/claim ridiculously low jitter but have average voltage regulation. This average voltage regulation affects the performance of the output stage of the clock no matter how good the jitter specs are. 

‘Timing is the essence of musicality’ and without an accurate clock in your CD player, DAC or music server you will never hear the original performance as it was intended’

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