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Chord Hugo M Scaler Uber Low Noise Psu

Based on the Uber Power supply and configured for the Chord Hugo M Scaler. The power supply as been designed to offer the very lowest noise levels from a power supply.

From the large transformer and big smoothing capacitors chosen for their low ESR and ripple rejection to the precise vref and onto the ABT monitored low noise output this PSU really does stand head and shoulders above anything out in the market today in both design and performance. You wont find this level of quality PSU in anything manufactured at the high end of the audio market.

Spec -

  • 15V Output
  • Large 120VA Toroidal Transformer
  • SPower drive circuit
  • Uberly low noise Spower derived output
  • Very low noise 6 stage Vref
  • Oscon SVP Capacitors used for precise Vref control
  • Extra low noise Spower derived control circuit
  • Large High Quality Mundorf Capacitors
  • High Quality Cerefine and Rubycon Capacitors
  • Optimised circuit layout
  • 3A Current capable
  • 10A Current Max @12V (short term current)
  • Output protection / monitoring circuit (ABT)
hugo m scaler uber psu
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Chord Hugo M Scaler Uber PSU
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