C521BEE - Level 1


Product Information

  • 1x C2 16.934Mhz premium low jitter clock
  • 2x Audio Upgrades SI audio grade capacitors (Output Psu)
  • 2x LM4562NA audio grade opamps
  • 2x Rubycon ZA decoupling capacitors (opamp psu)
  • 1x Rubycon ZA decoupling capacitor (dac psu)
  • 6x Rubycon ZA opamp decoupling capacitors
  • 2x Rubycon ZA Dac analogue decoupling capacitors
  • 5x Oscon SEPC Dac digital decoupling capacitors
  • 1x Panasonic FC decoupling capacitor (dac psu)
  • 1x Panasonic FC decoupling capacitor (digital psu)
  • 2x 22uf Wima signal coupling capacitors (audio output)
  • 1x Audio Upgrades muting circuit

Techincal Specifications

Brand nad
Code c521bee 1
Condition New
Weight 2.1kg
MPN c521bee 1

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