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C4 MK1 Low Jitter Clock

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The C4 MK1 clock is designed for mid to high end equipment where there should be little to no compromise when extracting the most from the recording. 

Further development over the C3 MK1 clock is done by optimizing the circuit layout and adding input filtration, this vastly reduces noise (pollution) entering and leaving the clock aiding performance of both the clock and the unit it is connected too. The Vref circuit has had comprehensive attention payed to it by lowering noise further and stabilizing it to an accuracy less than 0.05% 

‘Timing is the essence of musicality’ and without an accurate clock in your CD, SACD player, DAC or Music Server you will never hear the original performance as it was intended’

Accuracy: +/- 1ppm
Measured Jitter less than 0.5PSec (Femtosecond)
Stable clock output to 6 decimal places +/- 3 digits
Comprehensive Vref circuit
Input noise filter circuit
On board custom SPower ‘D’ Discrete low noise regulation
Optimised circuit layout
Super low ESR high ripple Oscon Polymer SVP decoupling capacitors
1880uF capacitance
High quality PPS decoupling capacitors
High Precision oscillator
Underside ground plane shield
High grade copper pcb
Gold plated contacts
6.5V to 22V input
45mA low current design
Compact design
Flat underside for easier mounting
50mm x 43mm
c4 clock
fidelity audio
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c4 8.46
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Wow. I have had many clocks over the years but this one shines above them all. Detail, clarity, separation, bass depth. I 100% recommend this item.

Michael Evans | London | August 2018