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Bluesound Vault 2i PRO Low noise PSU + Interface

Bluesound Vault 2i PRO Dual Low Noise Psu + Interface Pcb

Note:- This upgrade kit does not require any soldering but it does require patience and the ability to remove and replace pcbs. We can however install it free of charge if you send in your Vault 2i.

Fidelity Audio have developed a external linear low noise psu with interface pcb to vastly improve the audio quality of the Bluesound Vault 2i.

The PRO Dual PSU is ideal for people who want to gain better sonic performance from the Vault 2i to equal equipment costing upwards of £1500.

From the toroidal transformers and big smoothing capacitors chosen for their low ESR and ripple rejection to the dual vref this psu really does offer excellent audio gains.

Expect -
  • Lower noise floor than SMPS
  • Extended low bass frequencies
  • Improved midrange and clarity
  • Sweeter top end
  • Fuller sound

Interface -
  • Custom design for Vault 2i
  • Replaces original psu
  • High quality capacitors fitted
  • Improves audio
  • Removes EMI / RFI from inside Vault 2i

PRO Dual PSU -
  • Dual voltage output 5.2V & 12.2V
  • 2x 30VA Toroidal Transformer
  • Very Low Noise Linear PSU
  • SPower Low noise regulation
  • High quality parts used throughout
  • Twisted pair silver plated ofc copper with Teflon insulation cable
  • Silver plated DIN socket and plug
  • Mini XLR @ Vault end

bluesound vault 2i Pro low noise psu
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Bluesound Vault 2i Pro low noise PSU
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