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Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Ultra Low Noise PSU + Reference Interface

£540.83 (ex. VAT)
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Ultra Low Noise PSU + Reference Interface
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Ultra Low Noise PSU + Reference Interface
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Ultra Low Noise PSU + Reference Interface
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Ultra Low Noise PSU + Reference Interface
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Ultra Low Noise PSU + Reference Interface
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Ultra Low Noise PSU + Reference Interface pcb

Fidelity Audio have developed four linear external low noise psus with interface pcb to vastly improve the audio quality of the Bluesound NODE 2i.

The Ultra PSU is ideal for people with higher end systems who want to get the most from the Node 2i.

The Ultra psu has a larger power toroidal transformer + a 2x triple vref circuit over the PRO+ offering an even lower noise floor.

The Ultra is the smaller brother of the REF PSU and shares many of it's features. You wont find this level of quality PSU in anything manufactured at the high end of the audio market.

Expect -
  • Much lower noise floor
  • Better low frequency response
  • Much improved midrange and clarity
  • Articulate high frequencies
  • Linear sound

Reference Interface -
  • Custom design for Node 2i
  • Replaces original psu
  • Very high quality capacitors fitted
  • Perfect match for the very high quality output of our Ultra and Reference power supplies
  • Improves audio
  • Removes EMI / RFI from inside Node 2i

Ultra PSU -
  • Optional - BR1 Bridge rectifier
  • 80VA Toroidal Transformer
  • Ultra low noise Spower derived output
  • Very low noise 6 stage Vref
  • Oscon SVP Capacitors used for precise Vref control
  • High Quality Mundorf Capacitors
  • High Quality Rubycon Capacitors
  • Optimised circuit layout
  • 3.6A Current capable
  • 10A Current Max @ 5V (short term current)
  • Output protection / monitoring circuit (ABT)
  • No power lead for NON UK orders

Installation guide - New guide for Reference Interface

Bluesound Node 2i install guide
Bluesound Ultra psu
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Bluesound NODE 2i Ultra low noise PSU
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Definite upgrade to stock Node 2i

I can't recommend this upgrade enough. This was not a marginal or incremental improvement in my listening experience but one that was significant and immediately obvious. The bass was improved enough that it almost seemed as if I my old KEF 104/2 s had been replaced with new speakers, sounding fuller and with more organic overtones that I associate with live music in a good room. Vocals contained more texture. Percussion was more percussive, whether it be small clicks on a rim or taps to a cymbal or a strike to a snare drum, and the kick drums and floor toms seem to have a little extra reverberation that a real drum head has when being hit. Cymbals were more more shimmery, brushes more textured. With guitar strumming, I also noticed the sound of each individual string being plucked as opposed to just the tone generated. Strings sounded much more organic and richer, brass and sax mixed low in the overall mix were clear and distinct. Though I usually listen to rock and alternative pop/rock music, I listened to a little Miles, Coltrane and Phil Woods to see how wind instruments sounded when featured prominently, and they sounded incredibly live. Depending on the recording, it seemed as if different voices and instruments were more clearly located at different points in the room and in some cases the stage on which they were arrayed seemed to be wider than the distance between my two speakers.

My system includes a Parasound P6 pre and A23+ amp. I primarily listen to Tidal and prior to this upgrade I had noted that normal Tidal files sounded better through the Node DAC whereas the MQA Master files sounded better with the Node optical output going into the P6 DAC via coax, even though the Parasound DAC is not an MQA DAC. With the upgraded Node, the situation is reversed, the Tidal Master files sounding significantly better through the Node DAC analog out to to my pre than when I use the Parasound's DAC.

I also upgraded my power cord significantly at the same time. Although I can't say whether I would have gotten almost the same effect if I had gone with the FA model one level down, more of my energy has been spent wondering whether I should have gone for the Reference PSU, wondering if that would have been even better.

Lloyd Handler | Los Angeles, CA USA | April 2021

Bought with Node 2i

I love the Bluesound Node 2i and I haven't heard my hifi sound as good as this since I had your modified cd player. I use Tidal and it sounds so clear and full. Not bright at all and so easy to listen to. Thanks again James

James Brown | Craigavon | April 2021