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Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Interface only (The Original)

£104.17 (ex. VAT)
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Interface only (The Original)
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Interface only (The Original)
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Interface only (The Original)
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Interface only (The Original)
Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Interface only (The Original)

 Designed and made in Great Britain (2019)



The Original Bluesound NODE 2 & 2i Interface PCB only (external PSU required)


Please note - we cannot guarantee optimal performance when you choose your own psu. We recommend a linear psu at the very least, the lower the noise the better.

PSU basic requirements -

  • 5V DC
  • 2A minimum (2000mA)
  • DC Plug 5.5mm x 2.1mm
  • Centre Positive

Improve the performance of the Node 2i with Fidelity Audio Interface pcb.  You can upgrade to a higher spec psu at a later date while still using the interface.

Removing the standard small internal psu away from the delicate electronics inside the Node 2i ensuring close proximity EMI pollution is much lower. Added to the interface you get a better performing Node 2i.

Expect -

  • Extended low bass frequencies
  • Less midrange muddle
  • Cleaner less harsh top end
  • Fuller sound
  • Option to upgrade later.

Interface -
  • Custom design for Node 2i
  • Replaces original psu
  • High quality Rubycon capacitors
  • High quality Panasonic PPS capacitors
  • Improves audio
  • Removes EMI / RFI from inside Node 2i

Installation guide

Bluesound Node 2i install guide
bluesound node 2i interface
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Bluesound Node 2i Interface
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Richard Harris  /  U K

Great upgrade

I've just finished replacing the fitted onboard power supply with this FA upgrade and wow! Love it.

It's so difficult to know how objective one is being, but I had marked out a couple of MQA Tidal classical tracks that lacked a bit of space between the instruments and I am convinced they sound better.

However, I kicked it off with a couple of rock/pop tracks and was amazed. The whole sound is clearer, black is blacker and the sound is tighter.

I used an existing 5v Power supply which I had for another project. It wasn't an expensive supply and I see remarkably similar looking things on eBay. It is however heavy with a lot of copper in it. I would definitely counsel buyers to consider spending extra for one of FA's linear PSUs, as who really knows what c**p you could be buying from Chinese eBay sellers. But, I am very very happy with mine just as it is.

5 stars deffo.