Bespoke Linear PSUs

"Hearing is believing"

All our Power Supplies are built to the highest level and the lowest noise. We develop our own low noise voltage regulation with very low noise custom vref circuits. All other power supplies use standard off the shelf regulators and simple DIY style circuits.
“No other linear power supplies perform this good”

Fidelity Audios SPower derived low noise Linear Power Supplies have been built with no compromise. From the 2oz copper pcb to the customizable low noise Spower circuit using only the finest quality components, our power supplies are designed to exceed your expectations.  The use of large VA Toroidal transformers and Mundorf AG capacitors offer the very best performance. Nothing out there comes close! This is a truly high end no-compromise PSU and it is still very reasonably priced compared to our competitors.

"Cleaner and stable power equals cleaner, more detailed music. Getting what is there without anything much in the way. Our music just sounds better"

Dimensions – 221mm x 170mm x 57mm (LxWxH)                                         PLEASE CALL 01302 890855


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