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Bespoke Linear Low Noise PSUs

"Hearing is believing"

All our Power Supplies are built to the highest level and the lowest noise. We develope our own low noise voltage regulation with very low custom vref circuits. All other power supplies use standard off the shelf regulators and simple DIY style circuits.

“No other linear power supply performs this good”

Our range of DC power supplies is an excellent way to upgrade any piece of equipment that requires a low-voltage DC supply. The standard power supply shipped with equipment is almost always a cheap nasty Switch Mode PSU (SMPS) which puts out high frequency noise into your hifi and home mains. This is very bad for the performance of your system.

"Cleaner and stable power equals cleaner and stable music. Getting what is there without anything much in the way. Our music just sounds better"

Please select from our range of low noise discrete power supplies

Dimensions – 221mm x 176mm x 58mm (LxWxH) 

Fidelity Audio reserve the right change specifications without notice

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