A.N.T Audio Kora 3T low noise PSU


Product Information

The ANT Phono stage is pretty decent but it is let down by it's power supply. It can, however, be instantly improved upon with superb results just by upgrading from the standard external power supply.
  • 24V DC output (Linear PSU)
  • High quality, high value capacitors
  • Audio Grade parts through out
  • SPower custom low noise voltage regulators
  • 50VA Toroidal transformer
  • 1.5 Amp capable
  • 2oz copper boards
  • Quality ABS case with EMI RFI sheilding
  • Thick silver plated OFCC copper cable (from psu to phono stage)
  • Silver plated lockable DIN socket and plug
  • Suitable for Special Edition and Limited Edition

Techincal Specifications

Brand a.n.t
Code kora 3t
Condition New
Weight 2.1kg
MPN kora 3t

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