Fidelity Audio HiFi Retail

With our knowledge of circuits from the upgrade side of our business you can be assured any information given about the product we sell is from a engineers and audio lovers mind set. You will not find us trying to sell you equipment that you simply won't like or will want to sell on 6 months - 1 year down the line.  Fidelity Sound and Vision is our audio retail brand - please come down to the shop and demo some hifi.

Fidelity Audio Products

The Fidelity Audio range of multi award winning hi-fi components have been meticulously designed to get you closer to the heart of the original recording.


We offer an exceptional range of headphone amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, interconnects, mains conditioners, mains leads & power supplies that perform at higher levels than should be expected for the price.

Fidelity Audio Upgrades


With over 20 years experience in the design and modification of hi-fi and audio equipment, Fidelity Audio provide cd player, dac, pre amp & phono stage upgrades to existing hi-fi components in order to gain exceptional levels of performance.


Modifying your existing hi-fi components will nearly always give you a highly favorable cost-to-benefit ratio over buying new hi-fi equipment.