Fidelity Audio Hifi Upgrades
Fidelity Audio offer quality upgrades and components to elevate your hifi into the world of higher end audio.  Linear Power Supplies - Mains noise filters - Low  Jitter Clocks - Hifi Tuning & Upgrades - Low Noise Voltage Regulators - Bluesound Node & Vault Upgrades
Low Jitter Clocks
Bluesound Node Upgrades
Low Noise Linear Power Supplies
Oppo 203 & 205 PSU Upgrades
ATC CA2 Upgrades - Discrete input buffer - Power Supply
Lumagen Radiance Pro Upgrades

About Us

Fidelity Audio Products

The Fidelity Audio range of multi award winning hi-fi components have been meticulously designed to get you closer to the heart of the original recording.


We offer an exceptional range of power supplies, mains filters and tuning options for your equipment that perform at higher levels than should be expected for the price.

Fidelity Audio Upgrades


With over 20 years experience in the design and modification of hi-fi and audio equipment, Fidelity Audio provide cd player, dac, pre amp, amplifier, streamer & phono stage upgrades to existing hi-fi components in order to gain exceptional levels of performance.


Modifying your existing hi-fi components will nearly always give you a highly favourable cost-to-benefit ratio over buying new hi-fi equipment.