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Fidelity Audio Products

The Fidelity Audio range of multi award winning hi-fi components have been meticulously designed to get you closer to the heart of the original recording.


We offer an exceptional range of headphone amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, interconnects, mains conditioners, mains leads & power supplies that perform at higher levels than should be expected for the price.

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Fidelity Audio Upgrades

With over 18 years experience in the design and modification of hi-fi and audio equipment, Fidelity Audio provide cd player, dac, pre amp & phono stage upgrades to existing hi-fi components in order to gain exceptional levels of performance.


Modifying your existing hi-fi components will nearly always give you a highly favorable cost-to-benefit ratio over buying new hi-fi equipment.

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Fidelity Audio Hi Fi Parts

With a portfolio of audio parts that include the SPower HC & D low noise voltage regulator, the C4 Uber & C3 Premium low jitter clocks, RFI/EMI Suppression along with the impressive range of No Noise mains filters.


Fidelity Audio have fast become one of the most respected suppliers of bespoke high quality audio parts in the UK and Europe.

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We now supply award winning loudspeakers


ATC SCM-7, SCM-11, SCM-19, SCM-40 as well as their more high end active range. Q Acoustic Concepts are also available followed shortly by KEF

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We now supply award winning amplifiers


We offer ATC SIA2-150, P1 Power, CA2, CDA2, SIACD. Arcam and Marantz are also available. Please ring for any further information

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RFI / EMI Suppression

Suppress audio degrading RFI / EMI


Fidelity Audio ‘Magic Cloth’ and ‘ Magic Pads’ are cost effective tweaks that will allow your system to work to its potential

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HiFi Products

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We can now offer other manufactures products through our retail shop Fidelity Sound and Vision.


Fidelity Audio are constantly being asked for advise on what to buy to either send in for upgrade or complement their already upgraded player. So now we are able to offer the very latest models from Anthony Gallo, ATC, Arcam, DLS, Inspire HiFi, Marantz, Q Acoustics, Pro-ject, Roksan, Ruark, Yamaha and many more. You will find items in standard form and with the option of an upgraded version too.

Fidelity Sound & Vision


Fidelity Audio CD Upgrades ATC RFI EMI Magic Cloth low jitter clock headphone amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, interconnects, mains conditioners, power supplies

Fidelity Audio are pleased to announce we now have a online retail shop for selling and demonstrating other manufactures equipment. Please feel free to visit Fidelity Sound & Vision